Andrea Stelzer
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HT, Pink, Kordes 1991
Elegantly shaped show blooms on long arrow straight stems against dark glossy foliage.
April Hamer
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HT, Pink Blend, Ron Bell 1983
One of my personal favorites! I love the color, its pretty hardy here in WI and very rare!
Cajun Sunrise
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HT, Pink Blend, Eddie Edwards
Beautiful exhibition blooms on long stems.
Camphill Glory
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HT, Cream & Pink, Harkness 1981
Another personal favorite, quilled blooms of good size and form.
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HT, Orange Pink, Steven Roussell 2018
Well formed fragrant blooms, upright growth, dark glossy foliage!
Coral Sunrise
Miniflora, Orange pink, Steve Singer
New Orange pink blooms come on mostly single stems, very good exhibition form, a cross of Swing Time x Headliner.
Dancing Pink
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FL, Pink, Henson
Big sprays that have been bringing home the trophies since its arrival here in the states. Blooms last a very long time...
HT, Pink, Astor Perry
A top show rose for many years! Only have a few, they will go fast...
HT, Yellow, Bill Blok
A beautiful rose with LARGE blooms, upright and tall grower, profuse bloomer, one of my favorites!
Healthcare Hero
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MF, Pink Blend, Steven Singer 2022
Pink blooms that can have yellow tones at times, lot of petals, very glossy blackspot resistant foliage.
Hot Prince
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HT, Red blend, Don Johnson
Brightly colored blooms with good form.
Hot Princess
HT, Deep Pink fushia, Tantau Intl
My personal favorite, a strong, tall grower, profuse bloomer, dark shiny foliage, a top show rose....
Kristen Singer
HT, Pink blend, Steve Singer
A stunningly beautiful rose as is the daughter I've named it after :) Lots of blooms, good show form, and all around good grower...
Louise Estes
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HT, Pink blend, Joe Winchel
A top show rose thats both great for garden and show. Long stems, big flowers, a must have...
Marlon’s Day
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HT, White - pink edging, Wright, F 2005
A standard must have exhibition and garden rose
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HT, Pink Blend, Edwards, E 2000
A strong grower and shower, love it!
Megan Dawn
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Miniflora, Red, Steve Singer
Cherry red high centered blooms on a spreading plant, nice sprays as well. Won Queen at our Gateway show this spring with her :)
Mr. Caleb
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HT, Medium Red, Fred Wright 2011
Very nice vibrant red blooms of good show form. Only have a few.....
Olivia Rose
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Miniature, Mauve, Steve Singer
A lovely Mauve mini that arrangers love, lots of nice sprays and singles. In memory of Olivia Rose Engel a sixth grader who was a Sandy Hook victim.
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MF, Yellow blend, Steven Singer 2021
A tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Perfectly formed show blooms!
Radox Bouquet
Florabunda, Pink, Harkness
Stunning fragrant sprays that have been gathering trophies for a long time. A tall grower, that handles our winters well.
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HT, Red, Steven Roussell 2023
Large blooms, upright growth
Runway Star
HT, Light Pink, Steve Singer
A cross of Elizabeth Taylor X Buttercream (HT Zary). Beautifully formed blooms with a nice fragrance.
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HT, Orange pink , Kordes
A real beauty in the garden, upright growth habit, dark glossy foliage, nice singles and sprays. Only have a few that will go quickly...
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Miniature, Yellow blend, Fred Wright
Superb show form all the time. A real beauty, lovely dark glossy foliage.
Silver Lining
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HT, Pink blend, Dickson 1958
An oldie that still wows me. Blooms can have stunning show form, against dark green glossy foliage....
Stephen Rulo
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GR, Russet-Lavender, Chaney 2008
A lovely rose named after a great rosarian and good friend. Lavender with russet tones in beautiful sprays and singles. Barbara Streisand’s favorite rose :)
Swing Time
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MiniFlora, Pink, Steve Singer
Perfectly formed show blooms, a must have for exhibitors!
Twice in a Blue Moon
HT, Mauve, Tantau 2004
Fragrant blooms on an upright plant, dark bronzy foliage
White Princess
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HT, White - pink edging, Don Johnson 2022
Large showy blooms, long stems, a real stunner!
Zach Nobles
HT, Orange red, Prabhu, Satish 2012
This sport of Let Freedom Ring is a real traffic stopper. Great show form, and brilliant color.