Wisconsin Roses

Quality bare-root maiden roses, grafted on Rosa Multiflora root stock, for exhibitors and rose enthusiasts

Updated May 6, 2024:

Welcome to my new site. If you're new to my site, note that I am a very SMALL grower, some varieties are in very small numbers and will sell out quickly. You can always reserve plants for the next shipping season at any time, as well as order custom budded varieties. 05/06/24: I'm done shipping for spring, if you live in the area, I'll have some potted plants available for sale near the end of May. The site will be updated in October with any new varieties that I bud this summer, and shipping bare-root will resume first week of November.




Wisconsin Roses ships bare-root maiden plants of Rosa Multiflora with a bud-eye (scion) grafted and healed onto the shank. See: What is a Maiden Rose?

Custom budding: I offer custom budding for those who may want a plant no longer comercially available, or to propagate new seedlings.

Rose Naming: Contact me to select a personal rose to be named in honor of a special person, place or event. See my Hybridization Program.