Small numbers sale list

The following roses are available for a limited time in small numbers, on a first come, first serve, basis. Roses listed below will be removed as they sell out. ALL PLANTS sold on this page are "Maidens" and NOT #1 grade roses. Special growing instructions MUST be followed.

For ordering information, visit the Order page.

Andrea Stelzer - HT LP Intl Long stems, great foliage, show blooms
Babies Blush - HT p Smith A real beauty from John Smith
Confidence - HT P Meilland Fragrant, hardy and beautiful light pink
Dublin - HT dp Perry A top show rose, must have
Enchanted - HT P well formed exhibition blooms
Ffion - Mini - Yb John Sheridan Lovely color, good form, very glossy foliage
FolkMagic - Ht - Blok Large beautiful light yellow blooms on long stems
Folklore - Ht orange Perfectly formed orange blooms, tall
Magenta - FL Mauve Kordes Superb fragrance, great show sprays, hardy
Maid of Honor - HT ap Von Weddle lovely show blooms of Yellow/apricot
Pop Warner HT w Edwards Profuse blooms of White with some pink
Silver Lining - HT - w/p Dickson An oldie but a goodie!!
Toots - pb Mini-Flora Bracegridle, Tony New FL from Tony Bracegridle