Hybridization program

My hybridizing program has introduced three varieties so far: Brilliant Betty, Florence Mayer, and Oksana. Each variety I introduce undergoes years of testing and evaluation before plants are propagated, registered, and released for sale to the public.

Name your own rose

Naming rights are sometimes available on a small selection of new plants. See my current selection of seedlings below:

Seedling 1 Seedling 2 Seedling 3
Seedling 1 Seedling 2 Seedling 3

How it works

Wisconsin Roses provides digital images of seedlings for selection. You choose the seedling that's just right, and we register the selected name with the IRRA, propagate the variety, and then provide you with a specified number of plants.

Creating new varieties is tremendously time-consuming. Naming rights start at $7,500. Interested parties may email Steve at wiroses@gmail.com.