Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 Catalog

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Affirm $18.00

HT - 3-5', P, by McMillan, Thomas

A great exhibition rose from Thomas McMillan that was previously called Mc Millian's Pink. Lots of petals with a bloom shape of Uncle Joe. My plants were budded from Tom's original bushes and are virus free.

Alex Nobles - HT p Prabhu Sold Out

HT, Pink, by Prabhu, Satish

New from Satish, a Pink sport of Zach Nobles.

Cajun Sunrise Sold Out

HT - 3-5', W, by Edwards, Eddie

New! Large blooms of white and pink. A real beauty from Eddie destined for the show table.

Chessie's Favorite $18.00

Mini, Red, by Zimmerman

New Mini from the Zimmerman's. Outstanding show form, this will quickly rise to one of the top exhibition Mini's, throws beautiful singles and sprays.

Clovie Sold Out

HT, Salmon, by Roussell, Steven

New, stunning, good size salmon blooms with a nice fragrance. Upright growth, dark glossy foliage.

Dancing Pink Sold Out

FL - Height: 4', pink, by Bill Henson - UK

New from England, this lovely Floribunda produces fabulous large sprays, a winner at the recent National in San Diego by Bob Martin. Can't think of a better Floribunda out there!

Dr. John Dickman Sold Out

MF, Mauve, by Bridges

A powerhouse when budded, one of the best Mini-flora's by far, a must have....

Hot Prince Sold Out

HT, Red, by Don Johnson

New exhibition rose from Donald Johnson in Oklahoma. This is a cross of Gemini X Hot Princess. A striking color, this should become a top show rose....

Hot Princess $18.00

HT, P, by Tantau

In the top 5 for Exhibition roses, one of the best, great for cutting, among the hardiest of florist roses. A must have!!

Kristen Singer $18.00

HT, Pink, by Singer

My new HT named for my daughter, an upright grower with long stems, many beautifully shaped blooms with drilled centers, and a moderate fragrance. A cross of Great Scott X Rose Odyssey 2000.

Liz's Charm - Ht m Roussell $18

HT, Mauve, by Roussell, Steven

NEW Beautiful show form, upright growth, should be a winner!

Louise Estes Sold Out

HT - 4-6', PB, by Winchel

Large blooms of pink and white make this a real standout in the garden. A must have rose.

Marlon's Day Sold Out

HT 3-5', w, by Wright

A sport of Moonstone, the pink is more pronounced into the petal edging. Great form and is winning many trophies!

Mavrik Sold Out

Maiden HT - 4-6', LP, by Edwards

Lovely pink and white spiraled blooms come singly on this tall upright plant. A real show-stopper for exhibition and garden. Eddie's most winning rose in the North central district!

Megan Dawn - NEW EXCLUSIVE $18.00

HT, MF, by Singer, Steve

New Mini Flora - Red blooms of good show form, very high centered, and sprays well also. Spreading habit. Won its first Queen recently in Dallas.

Olivia Rose - New EXCLUSIVE Sold Out


Named to honor the memory of Olivia Rose Engel, a beautiful young child taken in the Sandy Hook Tragedy. Olivia loved purple and pink, and this new Lavender Miniature is a tribute to her. A cross of Madame Violet x Heather Sproul, beautiful single blooms and sprays of lavender, that have show form.

RBG - NEW Sold Out

MF, Yellow blend, by SINGER, STEVE

This will be a great new show rose! A cross of Swing Time X Halle X Pedrus Aquarius, every bloom has perfect show form, and the plant has very good black spot resistance to boot :) In honor of a super lady! First bloom entered won King at Milwaukee National :) Only 1 per customer.

Robert Bruce Sold Out

HT, Yellow, by Dennis Konsmos

New from Dennis Konsmos honoring his friend Robert Bruce. This rose has received great reviews in the new Horizon roses report.

Swing Time - MF New Exclusive $18.00

MF, pb, by Singer

This new Mini-Flora of mine is a beauty, looks very similar to Signature in coloration, Excellent show form, a cross of Great Scott X Olivia Rose. A bloom was in the court at the recent National show in Gettysburg, PA.

Twice in a Blue Moon Sold Out

HT, M, by Tantau

A fine upright grower that produces loads of lovely intensely fragrant blooms...

Zach Nobles NEW $18.00

HT, Orange, by Satish, Prabhu (Sport)

New from the garden of Satish Prabhu, Orange sport of Let Freedom Ring! Won Queen at our NC District show, a show stopper in the garden for color!